Food Recycling

Are your food waste costs going through the roof?

The sector produces 15 million tonnes of food waste, much of which goes to landfill

Are you looking for zero to landfill?

qbs are here to help make food recycling much easier

We are able to process all different types of food waste from:

Breakfast cereals

Category 3 ABPs





Malt extract

Pet Food



If you have a product that is not featured above, please do give us a call.

It doesn’t cost the earth to change

Our aim is to divert as much as possible into green energy.

Packaging is no barrier for us

Here at qbs we can handle virtually any type of packaging imaginable from product recalls in glass jars and cardboard boxes, to bulkers, tankers and curtain sided vehicles of palletised product.

To take advantage of our food waste collection services, call us today!

reduce - reuse - recycle

Your brand is safe with us

We understand the importance of brand protection, so if you are looking for a sustainable solution for your food waste with a guarantee that your product will not reappear in the food market, the qbs difference is tailored for you. Unlike our competitors we are one of the few companies in the UK to process all product streams in-house. This combined with a fully secured processing site with strict access controls and CCTV surveillance allows us to provide you with 100% traceability from collection to destruction. If you would like to benefit from our service please get in touch. With our quick response times we can have your product removed within a matter of days.