Food recycling in glass

Food recycling in glass

Are you having problems disposing of your food  in glass? If so, qbs can give you a break!

Specialising in all food and beverage products contained in glass we are one of the few companies in the UK that can fully recycle your glass and the product within. From small individual jars of jam to beer bottles, we can do it all.

Products we handle in glass range from:

Apple Sauce





Peanut butter




Drinks including alcohol*

If you have a product that is not featured above, please do give us a call.

*qbs have the required Customs permits to process national and international excisable goods, such as alcohol. These working arrangements with Customs are strictly adhered to, from processing to the transport to the recycling facility.

Finally…why food recycling in glass with qbs?

Not only will your general waste costs be reduced, glass is 100% recyclable therefore our process results in zero to landfill.

So, don’t bottle it up get in touch today!